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A change and some rain

So I have to change the address of my blog, and I'm going to be doing that over the next couple days, so for all you millions of people who have your rss feeds directed to this web address, please check back in a day or two and re-subscribe to the new address. I've been putting off doing this for awhile, but as I get to know more about all this web nonsense, I can see that I'm going to be a bit phooked if I don't change now.

So how is the weather in Vancouver?




House Cleaning

Well here is a little blog entry just to talk about the updates to the site. It's mostly cosmetic, but there are some additions. New bio page, new link page. Other than that there is just better organization than before.

I've been riding a lot and my legs are sore. That's a good thing. Christmas week means I have to finish off shopping stuff, which I've never been good at, but this year I am a little ahead of the curve compared to past seasons.

I'm picking photos for the upcoming Gallery show. It's a huge process but it's cool to sort through old stock. I also have to choose images for a photo contest and teach myself how to use this new slideshow software that I bought. The "deep winter" photo contest is coming up in a couple weeks and I have to be able to make a slideshow on the fly.

Oh ya, and I decided to start adding pictures to my blog posts too, because Owen's blog is way more interesting than mine. This one is from the deep winter contest last year. It's me riding down lower insanity (!!!) on Whistler: