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I've been quite busy so I decided to share some of my favourite shots from last winter. I'll keep doing this over the next little while, whenever I can't find the time to show you anything new. The book project is coming down to a very busy two months so I probably won't be shooting anything that I can show off for the foreseeable future. Let's hope this will hold you over.

Also, I recently received email from a gentleman in Finland who informed me that my website "sucks", especially my blog. So I apologize to all of my friends, readers and clients for not having more time to make a non-sucking website. I promise that when this project is done I'll commit a month to making a website with a lower amount of suck. But for now, you'll just have to enjoy the one that sucks. Thanks.

Oh ya, these are all photos that the magazines haven't decided to run.

Sammy Luebke at Mt. Baker. Such good snow. Such good style.
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Back in BC

I'm back in BC after a really short trip to Baker. Although we didn't end up getting what we went for, we did manage to get a whole bunch of other stuff. I got to do a few turns on Baker in between shots which is always nice, and met Nick, Nate and Sammy. I also got to see some good old friends, Sean Sullivan! Ranquet, Barrett, Temple, Shaun McKay, John Laing, Pat McCarthy (who is looking good, and riding after the accident)

All in all, it was a nice trip if a little too short. Washington is beautiful