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New jobs

One of the cool things about being a photographer is that you never know what kind of work you’re going to end up doing. When the phone rings, I tend to say “yes” first, and then figure out what it is that I said “yes” to…

Recently some dudes I know launched a new venture called Whistler Creek Productions
( http://whistlercreekproductions.com )and asked me to be a part of it. It is a collective, which is to say, they run it, but everyone has input. We had a “coming out” party in Whistler during the Whistler Film Festival and it was hugely successful, I set up a “photo booth” where people could press a button and take their own photo. It was cold outside but people got into it and the photos were Hilarious http://whistlercreekproductions.com/img/coming-out/coming-out.html

So anyway, I get a call to do a plate shot for a commercial. Of course I say yes. The director is Randy Krallman ( http://www.smugglersite.com/01/directors/player.html?cat=1 )who has done some really cool stuff including the amazing “Still free” (http://www.stillfree.com/) piece for Marc Ecko. Interestingly enough, he’s really down with the shred dog scene, spent time in SLC and we have mutual friends. He knows my work from snowboarding, I know his culture stuff. Cool bro. Etc.

So ya, the job. We drive around Vancouver on a stunningly beautiful day to shoot a little piece of forest for a background in a beer commercial. For real. That’s the job. It’s actually surprisingly difficult to find the exactly right looking piece of forest, but still, I mean, drive out into the middle of nowhere on a 13 thousand dollar snowmobile, in the freezing cold, banging your shit around, hoping that some snowboarder will land something, or drive around in a nice SUV with really friendly cats talking about how nice of a day it is…

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