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off the map

Last year, after multiple run-ins with bad luck and bad conditions, Travis Robb, Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson and I set out to find a new spot. We searched and searched, and eventually came upon a little miracle of geography that was perfectly made for snowboarding. Especially for shooting photos of snowboarding. We spend a few days "working the zone" before other obligations dragged us in different directions and although we put some great stuff on film, we had unfinished business.

We're back in our spot. It has set up differently this year, different in a good way. Sammy Luebke is along for the ride this time and he's having a ball riding the best pillows on the planet. The level of riding has jumped through the roof this year. While we were happy linking transitions with big straight airs last year, this year tricks are getting thrown in the most insane places. I'm totally exhausted and I have so much to take care of at home, but for now, I'm in the middle of an amazing dream and I'm going to hit snooze for just a couple more days.


On the road

I am on the road with Standard Films right now. Over the long drive, Travis and I talked about all sorts of things, one of the themes that comes up frequently with us is creativity, inspiration, and how our lives are affected by the ebbs and flows of the creative cycle. One thing that always seems to kill creativity, is working from home. When you are home you are trapped in your normal routine and held hostage by the mundane. Chores and bills and social obligations all draw energy away from the creative process.

Hit the road though, and all that is behind you. You see new things, and you see regular things in a new light. It is guaranteed to kickstart my inner art guy.

I'm missing out on so much at home right now, but at least if I have to miss that, I can be happy about taking good pictures.

I shot this while were driving so it's not really one of the good pictures...


Washington Shenanigans

Today was fun. I'm in Washington shooting with Mark Landvik and Travis Robb from Standard Films