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Home. Finishing some things and starting some others.

"Whoa. Are you still here? Wow. Nice to see you. Me? I've been away. In Roatan, Honduras. Ya, there was a "coup". Big Earthquake too. How big? 7.1! I know, it was crazy. Well, between that and the swine flu scare the tourists pretty much stopped coming. Ya, that's why I'm on my way back to Vancouver. Just in time for the salmon in the rivers and the leaves to change colour. I'm hoping for an indian summer, I love Vancouver in September.

Pictures? Sure, I took some. Not as many as i would have liked, the divemaster training kept me from shooting much and then I started to work leading divers and couldn't take a camera along. Ya, it was a bit of a bummer, but I was happy for the chance to get some experience.

What now? Well I have a couple of interesting job offers and it's an Olympic year so there will be lots of things to shoot, but truthfully, I'm mostly just looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and catching up with friends. Yes, of course I'll start writing regularly again. Having reliable electricity and internet makes blogging a lot easier.

Well thanks, I'm glad to see you again too. Talk soon."




Checkin in.

Hi folks. Sorry it’s been so long, things have been busy around here negotiating and starting my new summer project. I’ve been hinting away at what it is for awhile, and you’ll all know soon, but for now I’ll give you this; it’s a book.

It’s been super rainy here for the last couple weeks and I haven’t been shooting much. Part of the process of the summer project is digging through the vaults and finding some old shots. Take a look and see if you can figure out what I’m up to…


Also, I've updated some shots in all the galleries and done some reorganizing of the site. A little less history and a little more recent stuff is up now. I need to do a big rebuild but with the new project that may be awhile, so for now I'm just grinding off the rough corners a bit.


end of the line

There is only one day per year when I can say “that’s it” and be done with a whole Volume of Magazines. There is only one day when I can turn my attention away from the job of making pages and towards the job of making photos.

That day is today.

The magazine is done and now I have about four months to go out there in the world and live the snowboarding life before we start the whole crazy thing up again. We got a presentation from our head of circulation today and we are successful. That feels good. It feels good to know this thing can stand on it’s own two feet and walk. We made something and that’s cool.

So now it’s time for SIA in Vegas and then out into the world. First stop, Canada. 10 days with Travis Robb and Standard Films. Can’t wait.

See ya in the mountains.