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Monster, Nike, Olympics, History, Keynotes...just a normal couple weeks.

What a crazy couple of weeks.

It goes without saying, but during the Olympics the eyes of the world were on Vancouver. There was so much going on that it was almost impossible to keep track, so here is a little wrap-up of the projects I was involved with.

I worked with Monster to put on a series of parties at Grouse Mountain, the highlight of which was Live Transmission. It took place the night of the Men's halfpipe contest and featured Mixologist Darryl McDonald from Port Restaurant in Toronto creating adult beverages from behind a custom ice bar, and Chicago MC Kid Sister who blew everyone away with her set.

Over on Mt. Seymour, I was working with Nike 6.0 to document the installation of their "Greatest Hits" park. The idea was to give locals a place that they could hit up some really iconic urban jibs in one setting. the 6.0 crew did an amazing job on recreating a version of the Quebec Red Ledge a few weeks ago, and then smack dab in the middle of the Olympics they unleashed a perfect replica of the infamous Burlington double set that has been featured in shred flicks for years. With the video I set out to do an opening segment that could be mistaken for a true urban setup, and then reveal it to be part of the greatest hits park. Since a couple Olympians dropped by we had a ton of issues with clearance, but eventually it got done and released. I like the opening. We did a ski and a snowboard edit, here is the ski edit.

I spoke a bit here about the Aries 2010 project that I was involved with, that took place right in the middle of all the Olympic madness as well. Here is a shot from Trevor Graves, and the video of the project. I can't say enough about being able to speak at this event, the people involved are just so top notch and the idea behind it is overdue. Thanks Trevor for thinking of me.


I also managed to sneak in some actual Olympics. In fact, I was somehow lucky enough to attend the single biggest hockey game of my lifetime, the Canada vs. USA gold medal game. I've never been so consumed with a sporting event. As someone who came a little late to hockey fan-dom, I have certainly embraced it now. There are some shots on my flickr, and here are a couple to tease you.

Team Canada sings the anthem
crosby waves the flag

And now it's on to the Grenade Games. You'll start seeing more from me on that by the end of the week. Stay tuned...

Nike 6.0 greatest hits.

One of the things I've been working on lately is a park installation at Mt. Seymour for Nike 6.0. The idea is to take iconic urban features and build them in one place. In an Olympic year, a lot of kids find themselves either unable or uninterested in participating in any of the Olympic shenanigans so this whole thing is for them. By the time the "Greatest Hits" park is done you will be able to go up Seymour and ride facsimiles of three legendary spots that have seen a lot of coverage in ski and snowboard media over the years.

We started with the Quebec's Red Ledge. It was made by the folks at snowpark solutions and installed on the 28th of January and then on Saturday the 30th was opened to the public. The Nike 6.0 version of the Red Ledge is a little smaller and a little less steep than the real thing, but it's been awesome to see people come out and take a swing at it. Here is Duff testing it out.


You can check all of Geoff Andruik's photos from the Red Ledge Jam here and the video that we made here.

The next event is coming up on February 20th. We're recreating the famous Burlington High rail but this time there will be no concessions on size. This thing is going to be Identical. Come check it out or sign up for the jam. We're going to have some very special guests there with all the heads in town for the Olympics.

Catch a glimpse of the real one here (especially ender shots) and here