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wrong, wrong, wrong.

disclaimer: it's 10 till 2 and I've just arrived home,

an email aimed me here, and what I found made me choke on my perrier as I tried to understand how anyone who knew anything about culture or the life of ANYONE under the age of 70 could, with a straight face, write this piece of shit*:

"Big Air
Riders and skiers are the new constellations, when they turn shooting stars and light up the night at the big-on-awe Big Air. Join the 15,000-strong star-gazing crowd, as the best pro skiers and riders launch overhead to the thumping beats of live music. The pros lay it all on the line to own the night sky."


As I grew up, I watched as the super successful Westbeach Contest, that filled empty Whistler beds every spring, was co-opted and became the World Ski and Snowboard Festival. I watched as the once respectable contest was taken over by new sponsors and became a backdrop for the expanded "cultural" events, and then diminished into a regional affair that drew more local media than international credibility, and I could see why. I knew that the future was worse, but this year just seems so, so much worse. As far as I can tell, the title sponsor of the halfpipe event is a vodka brand.


I wonder why the Ski and snowboard industry has run, not walked, away from this event.

Does anyone that is involved in the promotion of this event even ski or snowboard anymore? Did any of you actually grow up in the culture of the mountains? The WSSF has always been a marketing push to fill beds in the shoulder season, that's no secret or surprise. And there is nothing wrong with that, but at some point the success of the peripheral events overshadowed the reason we are all here in the first place, and the "festival" pissed on its roots in favour of a MTV/Mountain Dew/LCD spew fest that has little to do with anything but self perpetuation and narcissism.

I'm sick to death of the shitty shit. I'll say what every real snowboarder is thinking: Bring back the Westbeach Contest. Put the snowboard back into the "ski and snowboard festival". I challenge the organizers of the WSSF to make this festival into a legitimate part of the contest scene, and to bring us back some credibility, not just the hotel visits.

It's as simple as this: If the best snowboarders in the world aren't here for the contest next year, you've failed.

*ok so as bad as that was, the deeper I looked into the site, the worse the fucking generic, marketing buzzword, nothing-speak
got. Someone got paid a bunch of money to sound like they were young and hip. My guess is that they are either a) a 56 year old junior college drop-out who claims to be "still really down with the youth". b) Socially isolated, borderline personalities with anxiety disorders. c) Editors from Ski Magazine. d) all of the above