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Back from a quick three days and two nights in Vegas. The SIA trade show is going to be in Denver next year so this is the end of a long stint of industry debauchery that is some people's yearly highlight. My mission was to spread the word about the Grenade Games coming to Whistler for the WSSF in April and generally show my face around and connect with folks. It was pretty successful, although it is definitely impossible to do everything you set out to at SIA. To all the folks I missed, sorry bout that, come to WSSF and I'll buy you a drink.

My overall impression of the snowboard industry is that it is remarkably optimistic and full of piss and vinegar despite the whole economy. Booths were full, stuff looked good, people were smiling and the general feeling I got from people was "what crisis?" All in all, it's nice to feel optimistic when the world seems so dreadful every day. There is really extensive coverage on boardistan and matt's blog and of course from our friends at Transworld Business so if you are interested in pictures of all the new stuff and whatnot, you should check them out.

the view from the palms' playboy bar or whatever.
Lana flips out. It's a noisy mess, i know, but she's rad so there you go.
dalby wins the g9 wars.

Speaking of optimism, this came over my blog reader today ( via pixsylated. thanks) and I thought I'd share it with you. It's a really simple concept that just works so well that it makes you stop and take a second look. Seriously cool.

Have an optimistic day.