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False Creek at night.

A shot from last night from the new waterfront in front of the Olympic Village construction. I went out to shoot the Symphony of Fire fireworks last night but the shots I took on the way home were way more fun.

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The summer. It is come.

As the summer finally hits in all its glory, I am swamped with work. I am convinced though, that I live in the best place in the world. My fascination with Vancouver's old buildings continues, while new ones pop up all over the place.

Here are some shots of the world around me. More coming soon. I love the Canon g9 more every day.

She casts a long shadow for a short dawg.
Pixelated clouds
these colours were making my eyes hurt.

evening glow

nice new shapes

The rooof is on fiyah!

So I've been dying to shoot on our rooftop patio ever since I moved in, and yesterday was the first day that I had enough time and the weather cooperated. Dave and Keith were in the neighbourhood so they got to be my first victims. Thanks guys!

We did a couple different set ups and it was good fun. I learned a thing or two about the space and I'm stoked to do more. How did we do?




Office Work comes calling

texture in the backcountry

So I've been back in the office due to some cloudy weather and it's been good to take care of some chores, get in touch with some people, and do some work on the site. Unfortunately I pretty much had to rebuild it after messing around with some things that I should never mess with...

Going through shots from the last month has been super fun and I've already had some people asking to get their hands on them. Patience will be rewarded. All shall be revealed in good time.

I always have my G9 with me and as a result I've been shooting tons of stuff on the street. Taken on their own, each shot has a short story, but when you see them develop over the course of a couple weeks they begin to show bigger themes. It's interesting. At least to me. I'll post a bunch next time.




This is the view from my house. All week I have been watching it snow and snow. I've been riding a lot too, having some really good days with some really good people.

When I was living in California and working in the office, people would ask me what I missed about Canada and I would always say, the time from opening day until Christmas. That's when the storms hit and the crowds are still small, when the pressure to shoot hasn't gotten too hectic yet and I get to ride my ass off. Well after the mountain opened we had a couple weeks where the snow where it didn't snow and I started to question the whole Early season myth that I had been building in my head. Luckily the snow came and just in time. I feel like I have gotten my legs back now and I am ready to dive into shooting now. I've gotten it out of my system once again. It was worth it.


Returning to Canada


Where ya been? I haven’t seen you in awhile. Been busy? Happy? Good. Nice to hear. Me? Oh man, so much going on.

I’m moving. Oh you heard. Ya I’m moving back to Canada. No, probably not Whistler. Vancouver. Ya, I have lots of friends there and I haven’t lived there since I was a teenager, so I’m pretty excited about it. I’m loving the city these days. Vancouver is amazing.

I’m getting married too. To T. I know, it’s still really new. Well thanks, I’m stoked too. She proposed just before we drove down to California. No, she’s not here now, in Honduras. I dropped them at LAX and she took Pammy down and taught her to dive. They’re having an awesome time. They saw a frickin sawfish. How is that? I know! I would be too. She’ll be back here at the end of the month. She’s going to help me pack up my stuff.

The mag? Oh it’s doing well, that’s why I feel ok about heading home. I’m showing Crispin Cannon the ropes right now. He has a month to learn how all this works, and then he’s on his own! Ya, I’ll still shoot for FSM, I just want more outside time and less office time. Thanks. That’s nice of you to say. Well ya, we worked really hard on it. Colin is good. Finished his book. He’s shopping it around right now.

Cool, cool. Ok right on. We’ll talk to you soon then. Good to see you…
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