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I broke my pinky last week and learned something about myself. Despite a lot of pain and a really ugly looking digit, I’m unwilling to complain about a broken pinky. I mean, it’s called your “pinky”. You can’t really complain about injuring something that sounds like a toy a little girl would play with.

Speaking of injuries, about 9 or ten months ago, I tweaked something in my back. I figured that I had popped a rib out, which I had done many times before, and that it would work its way back in at some point. After a month or two, it hadn’t gotten better and in fact, sitting at my desk was making me feel like I was going to puke, so I figured it was time for professional help. I went to see a chiropractor.

For some reason I’ve always been skeptical when it comes to chiropractors. Adam felt the same way and made a little fun of me when I decided I needed to go, but at that point I no longer had much of a choice. My back was jacked. By the end of the workday I would have to go home and lie flat for two hours.

I followed the recommendation of a fellow employee and went to Mr. Chiro man. He asked what was wrong; I told him that I thought I had popped a rib out. He did some fancy things with lasers and heat pads and giant vibrating things, he snapped my head back and forth making impressive noises, I felt a little better, and before I left he booked me in again later that week. This went on for three weeks or so, and I think in the end I saw him 6 or seven times. He convinced me that something other than my rib was wrong and so I kept going back. In the end I just got fed up with not getting anywhere and stopped going.

Fast-forward to months later, I FINALLY have enough time to go see my old physiotherapist in Whistler. Her name is Allison and she works out of Peak Performance. She is the one who fixed me when I had a pinched sciatic nerve years ago. I never got a pinched sciatic nerve again. I trust her.

I show up and she asks me some questions about the location, duration, and manifestation of my pain. I answer accurately and in as much detail as I can. She says, “Sounds like you have a rib out.” EXACTLY! That’s what I told Dr. Jackass 10 months ago!

She does about two minutes of watching me move and then the first time she touches me, she puts her finger right on the spot. 45 minutes later I am straight. She’s amazing. Chiropractors are quacks.

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