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This week.

Hi friends,

Here’s a little update of what’s going on in my world in the second week of December, 2010.

I’m back with Monster Energy Canada working on media and events for the winter season. The big event at the 2011 Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival will be all new this year and I’m pretty excited to be building up something that will stoke everyone out. Details to come in the new year.

In case you missed it, I’ve been the guest editor of VancouverIsAwesome.com’s Daily Flickr photo for the last 3 months. It’s been very cool to see some of the great photos that come out of Vancouver and taken as a whole, the collection is pretty amazing. It would make a great coffee table book actually. I’m coming to the end of my stint with them since winter work is getting busy, but the passing of the torch will bring a new set of eyes to the process, which is good. VIA is currently raising funds, they are a great organization and if you’ve enjoyed any of their city coverage it would be nice if you could donate. I’ll continue to be involved with them in any way I can so stay tuned for some new ideas in 2011.

I finally caved and made a “Dano Pendygrasse Photography” facebook page that is separate from my personal page. It will take awhile to migrate people across but I’m going to keep the photo stuff on the photo page and the personal stuff on the personal. Right now I have about 1500 friends on my personal page and 150 on the photo page which is about completely backwards, but hey...

We were in Whistler for Mat the Alien’s birthday this week. A bit of a bender at Sushi Village and then on to Maxx Fish. It’s been awhile since I went underground in Whis. It’s dangerous.

Work continues on the Paul Brunes Young Heart Foundation. After we lost Paul last spring there was much discussion about how to make a difference in the lives of people with heart rhythm disorders. This partnership with UBC and VGH is trying to put into place resources for professionals who work in the field. Precious little is done for young people with heart disorders and many go undiagnosed. For people like us, the first sign of a problem could be the last, and if you are young, you can easily slip through the cracks. Please consider a donation or join the Cause page.

I’ve done some reorganizing of my Photoshelter account. I still haven’t used this site up to its potential. It is an incredible resource and I wish I could have all my photos up there. I keep plugging away at it but for now it’s incomplete. It sneaks a little revenue into my life too, so that’s nice. Check it.

I’ve been throwing a lot of my day to day shots on Flickr lately. I like that I can only ever have 200 shots at a time up there so I’m always weeding out some of the least successful ones and the best ones stay. You can add me as a friend on there if that’s your thing. Here are a couple of my favourites from the last little while.







Vancouver is Awesome.

Hello friends,

Followers of the blog will probably know that I have spent quite a bit of time away lately; Honduras and Sweden have taken a couple month chunk out of my summer and a little time in Arizona rounded out a lot of travel. But now I’m home. I’m committed to a year in Vancouver. No taking off to go dive for a month. No galavanting with foreign friends in far off lands.

So I need a job. And until that happens, I found something else to keep me busy. The other day, my favourite website picked one of my photos for their Flickr photo of the day, which is always cool. The very next day this notice showed up in the place of the daily Flickr photo. I thought to myself; “Well that seems right up my alley. I’m a photographer, I’ve been a photo editor...” So I shot Bob a note, and here we are, a few days later, and me with my first pickr, from flickr.

I’m going to be doing that for the next 3 months and I’m looking forward to seeing a ton of photos, but I want to encourage all my Vancouver friends who aren’t part of the Vancouver is Awesome flickr pool to join and submit some photos. Be part of the best website in the city.

Enjoy your labour day!


PS: I caught this Dolly Varden in the Skagit River on Friday. It was around 18 inches and super clean.


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