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The Edit.

Once every year, in the Spring, I find a quiet place and do my edit. I look at every photo that I have shot over the course of the winter and determine which ones will go to the magazines and which ones will be banished to the archive hard drive.

The last few years, with making
the magazine, my edit process was very different, I simply pulled the things that I knew we needed and didn’t really spend much time with my stock. There is a relationship that I have with my photos and it evolves over time, things that I initially like fall out of favour, and things that didn’t grab me right off the bat start to grow on me. Sometimes I completely overlook shots that end up being my favourites.

Of all the covers I have had, I only thought one was a cover shot when I shot it. Everything else either snuck up on my later, or the photo editor saw something that I didn’t. This knowledge makes it really hard to throw things out, because everybody likes different things, and everybody sees different things in photos.

I’m not sure where I started, maybe around 10 thousand images, but my first cut was to 1500, and then I cut again and again until I got to 200 action shots. It may be a little loose, but I have to take into account the “you never know” factor. Of course that doesn’t count the portraits, lifestyle and scenic shots…

Now I’m taking RAW files and working them into the final image that I want to present. This is another huge process and you can’t rush it. After 20 images or so I stop having the same critical eye and I have to walk away for a while.

So that’s where I am today. Here is a photo of Eric Jackson from a few days ago.

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