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November Wallpaper

Hi friends,

Well it’s the first of November and here we go again with a free wallpaper to cover your desktop for the month. Skiers and snowboarders spend November frantically checking weather forecasts, watching the temperature drop and praying for snowfalls that will stick heavy and early and open up those hills as soon as possible. Every once in awhile the clouds part for and we get a peek at what’s to come.

Last year I woke to this view one fine day in November. I hope you see something like this early and often this month. Even if I’m still having tropical diving dreams...

large medium ipad


Free October Wallpaper

Hi friends,

Well I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the response to the free wallpaper last month. You can never underestimate the power of something free I guess. So I turned it into canvas and it’s hanging on my wall. Everyone who has been by the house has been blown away by the depth of this print. I put it up for sale and was happy to share it with some of you.

So here we are again a month later. I liked so many pictures this month that I made two. One of them is nice and simple for cluttered desktops, the other is a little richer. They are still free and always will be. If you want to chuck a buck or 2 in the tip jar, that’s fine. If not, that’s fine too.

Again, they are available in small, medium, large and ipad. So here you go:


1ipad 1small 1medium 1large


2ipad 2small 2medium 2large


Calendar Wallpaper!

Inspired by the talented photographer and personal marketer David DuChemin, I’ve decided to roll out some Wallpaper Calendars for you all. I shot this today on a little walk near the Cleveland Dam in Capilano Canyon on Vancouver’s North Shore. It feels like it represents late summer/ early fall to me so I decided to offer it up to y’all. If it’s popular I’ll do this every month from now on.

Wall papers come in Large (2400x1500 pixels), Medium (1280x800) and ipad (1024x768). These correspond to the most common screen resolutions of visitors to my website according to google analytics. I just did this on a whim, so feedback is welcome and important. Enjoy!

It looks like this: