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Inside Vancouver Public Library.

A black and white view from inside the Vancouver Public Library. It's an awesome building in my neighbourhood.



I'm going back to see these goofballs. Can't wait.


Photography, ah yes...

So as some of you know, I'm about to take a trip down south. I'm going back to Roatan to do my Divemaster training and hopefully see a little more of Central America. Soon my blog will be mostly turquoise and jungle green.

I'm not rich, so I can't just leave the apartment empty and pay the mortgage. This is unfortunate. I have some paintings on the wall that are very valuable to me and that I'm not particularly interested in leaving to the whim of fate, so they are getting stored. They are 7 panels and the arrangement left me with a bit of a dilemma; what do I use to replace them? I decided to make 7 shots from around the hood, all taken with the canon g9 and converted to black and white. Of course then I went ahead and made way too many and now I have to choose.

Can you guys help me by picking your favourite and least favourite. I know some of you don't like to make public comments, so it's ok to send me a note, or feel free to put your comment in at the bottom. All this stuff has been taken in the last year and a half walking around my neighbourhood.



I like this photo. Nothing more. Nothing less.



On my way to Vegas. My 7:55 AM flight, that I got up at somewhere just after 5 to get to on time, was cancelled and I was rebooked on a flight at 11:50. That would have been ok I guess, but I got to spend over an hour on the tarmac too! Something about frozen toilets.

Here is a picture of Mathieu Crepel on a suspension bridge.


Snowboard Photo blog v2: part 3 Romain de Marchi

Good morning shred dogs, Welcome to Part 3 of the Snowboard Photo Blog: Part 2.

I'd like to welcome all the portrait photographers out there today. Whaddup face shooters.

Today we have a shot of our friend Romain de Marchi from the Absinthe Films' movie "Ready". I spent some time with Paul Watt last year and we had some good days out in the backcountry and also up in Revelstoke.

click photo

subtle rarely wins online

Recently I've started making a lot more prints as a result of requests and being momentarily stable enough to get set up to print. The thing about printing is that you get to see photos big and beautiful and with all the related depth and tone that doesn't translate to a computer monitor. It's something that just doesn't translate to the web. So having said that, here is a photo that looks amazing in print, but maybe not so much on the web. I remember when I took this shot, I thought to myself, "this will never work for a magazine, it's just too subtle."

But I love it y'know? And now I have a print of it.

And you can too.


Winter is over?

I keep hearing it's Spring. I suppose there is some evidence to support that; The US Open is this weekend in Vermont, flowers are blooming, the bums are moving from the heating grates back to the beach in Socal, but around these parts I'm going to have to say that winter has not given up just yet. We just spent two of the deepest days of the season shooting. Everyone was blown away by the quantity and quality of snow and it took the better par of the first day just to reach the alpine.

Overnight it snowed again and the forecast is for even more. Here is just one shot of a couple of amazing days. Chris Wimbles moving around some of the white stuff.