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Hello friends,

Well I’m done leading dives and trying to focus on shooting photos for the rest of this trip. I have been trying out a variety of different techniques and getting more good results than bad, but admittedly, at this point in the trip, I’m not as far along as I’d like. Having said that, I always set pretty lofty goals and have high standards for myself and I probably wouldn’t be happy unless I came away from this trip with a cover shot.

We saw two different sharks today. I found the first one, just a little baby 3 foot nurse shark, and Mickey found a 5 footer or so on the next dive. Even though nurse sharks are pretty much completely non-threatening, it’s still cool to see them.

Enjoy the shots,


Kat checks out some tube sponges
And here she is again.
An Ocellated Box Crab (Calappa ocellata) hides from me in the sand on a night dive.
Lil nudi at night.
Kat found this gaudy clown crab, Biggest one I’ve ever seen.
What is this scorpionfish thinking? Bad spot dude, bad spot.
Yes, I have a favourite coral. This is it.
Toady the toadfish in a different hole at last. So glad I could see his tail.
Mickey inspects a different scorpionfish.
These nassau grouper are following us around every dive hoping for lionfish kills.
Mickey’s nurse shark
Really like what is going on with this hungry fireworm.


Hi Friends,

Well I guess we can’t always just charge forward. Sometimes you get caught in a soft spot and slide backwards. The last couple days have been that for me.

I’ve made some lens choice mistakes, which admittedly isn’t the biggest deal in the world, it’s the kind of thing that is hard to predict, how is the viz going to be? What will be available? Well for several dives in a row I simply took along a lens that was wrong for the job. Not wasted time, but not time well spent either.

Also, I overestimated the quality of the 12-24 and shot for 2 days without really checking the files. The result was that I have a lot of soft images. Also disappointing. I’ll be more careful now knowing the limitations of the lens. Those primes aren’t looking so bad now...

As with life, when it starts to suck, you gotta push through till the other side. Here are some highlights from some bad days.


craziest tips I’ve ever seen on a giant anemone.
another spotted moray. i like shooting em and i will keep shooting em.
the tiniest starfish i’ve ever seen. wrapped around coral polyps!
star in a cup
whitenose pipefish with his creepy red eyes. this was one of the most disappointing encounters. I back focused the best shot and am left with this.
hunting. Mickey called this a “target rich environment.”
Love these. They look completely black underwater and then you hit em with a strobe. Boom.
tried to get some shots with my friend Kathryn.
still getting a feel for directing people and getting what I want.
...so I’m playing with different ideas.
working on the sunball too. this one is ok.

A quick lap of the Know? Show.

Grabbed Dingo in the Monster Energy truck yesterday morning and headed over to the Know?Show at the Vancouver Convention Center. He woke up in New York and by the end of the day was in Utah. Jebus, that’s some travel day. Danny came in later, just as Dingo was heading back to the airport.

Lots of good stuff going on at the Know?Show. Jamie Lynn, Peter Line and Muska sightings were keeping people on their toes. I spent about 4 hours running into people and having some meetings. Here are some of the folks I had a chance to talk to.

Serfas, once again.
Andrew Hicks is one of my oldest friends, and I never see him anymore.
Jesse Fox. Thumbs up.
Jeff Keenan.
Dingo takes a load off at the Grenade booth.
Endeavor’s Max Jenke was in a good mood.
and Rob Dow was excited to show off his new ideas in board design.
Sat down with Mikey Scott from DC. Cool things coming soon.
TJ Schneider is awesome.
Danny Kass releases some stress with a squishy grenade.
Jason “JD” Demers was in fine form. Had the Muska in the house signing stuff.
Daryl Trinidad is awesome.
Photographer Geoff Andruik wants to show you his package.
A brief Romain de Marchi encounter.
JF Pelchat has some cool things in the works these days.
Dustin Craven shows off his signature glove.
Benji Ritchie was also there.
The inimitable smile of Chris Dufficy.
Travis Williams in a reflective mood.
I think Danny just comes to Canada for the Ceasars. And to embarrass Libby.
Dickson Li hard at work. No seriously. Not at an event, at work. I know, I’m surprised too.

deep winter 2011

Congrats to everyone who competed in the Deep Winter contest this past weekend. I’ve been involved either competing or judging in this event every year until this one and I have to say, I’m super glad I didn’t have to judge this time. It was close. Really close. In the end Blake walked away with the win by the skin of his teeth, and in my opinion if Robin Oneill hadn’t relied so much on gimmicky slideshow effects, she may just have edged him out. Then again, it could have gone many different ways.

This is the most exhausting and taxing photo contest in the Action Sports world and just completing it is high honour. I was really impressed with the consistent high quality this year, way better than some of the past years. Congratulations go out to the organizers who have raised the bar on participants. Let’s keep it high next year.


Blake has his John Montgomery moment.
Holy crap Serfas, my wife almost left me for a beard half that big!

It's a new year

Hi friends,

I know, I know, it’s already WAAAAY into January and you probably don’t even know what day of the week since I’m so late with my Free January Wallpaper!

Here you go. I made the Calendar blue so you can barely read it. I think this is probably a trend towards removing it altogether because let’s face it, everyone pretty much has some Calendar app that they already rely on.

This 2008 shot of Mark Landvik is one of my all time favourites. It came from my “lost season” where I was working for a magazine that folded and consequently much of my work went unpublished. This ran in Japan but I was always disappointed that it never did in North America.

I’ve removed the Ipad size due to the fact that I forgot to make it... If you you really want one, let me know. Click the links to download.


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