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George Bowering book reading.

Hi friends,

Saturday night was George Bowering's birthday and we were lucky enough to join him for dinner before a reading at the People's Co-op bookstore. He wasn't promoting just one book though, Bowering is prolific and on Saturday he read from both of his new releases. He signed a copy of Pinboy for me and Kim bought Words, words, words.

Afterwards there was cake.

Have a nice day.



Jumping through hoops for the Olympics.

All last year my friend Shin would disappear now and again for a secret project that he was working on. I didn't think too much about it until we started getting closer to the Olympics and the rumours started flying about a crazy ramp being built in BC place for the opening ceremonies. Right around that time I noticed that Shin was making a lot of trips to the city. And then My friend Johnny sorta disappeared from the twittershpere. Hmmm, something was going on.

Well secrets don't stay secret very long in the snowboard community, so by the time I attended the Opening Ceremony rehearsal I already knew that Shin and Johnny were going to be jumping through the Olympic Rings as part of the ceremony. What I didn't know was that the whole stunt would be preceded by a couple minutes of really well filmed freeriding shot last year, and that the jump was going to kick off the whole Olympics! Damn!

I wish I had a chance to see Shin hit the jump in the first rehearsal but it was amazing to watch Johnny stomp his indy on the sketchiest carpet and airbag landing. As the story now goes, the decision came down to a coin flip. I'm stoked to have known and shot these guys for years and glad that they had such a positive influence on the way snowboarding was portrayed to the world. Shin has said that the producers were really open to their input and made sure that snowboarders wouldn't be bummed on yet another misguided "hollywood" attempt at portraying us.

Here are some shots of the boys over the years.
lyall sckink1
Johnny Lyall on a Whistler kink rail
Johnny Lyall on a Whistler Backcountry booter.
Shin at Whistler last season
Shin Campos from the deep winter contest in 2008
Shin Campos on Whistler last season.

Going away presents

This week I was in at the Monster office saying my goodbyes when Libby asked about the going away presents. Now I've always thought that when someone leaves a job, the people at that place of work have a "going away party" or give that person some sort of "gift" as a token of their friendship and appreciation. It turns out that I was wrong. Dead wrong.

"Where are our presents?" Asked Libby. You see, what I didn't know, (and suspect that Libby didn't until it came out of her mouth at that very moment) was that at the Monster office, when you leave you are obligated to GIVE presents.

Well I thought about sending a fruit basket, I trolled around Home Depot looking for something funny (to which Libby replied; "New rule: no Home Depot presents") and eventually realized, with 3 dollars left in my pocket, that the best present I could give is the gift of memories.

Here is a little photo essay of our trip to lunch one day. There is a restaurant down on East Hastings that offers steak for less than 10 bucks. I've always looked at it and wondered "who goes there? It looks so sketchy." Well now I know who goes there: Friends.

Hand painted signs are the best. Is that the best bull ever?

Oh so THIS is where friends meet.

This is the sign that always had me wondering.

MMMMMMMMM. Multi and Tasty.

Oh I shouldn't.

The proprietress

Dave and Paul map their culinary attack

These live on bulls.

The view.

The meal.

Libby likes?

Let's just drop off some cards. Notice the No LImits in there?

Uh. We're done.

And then there was weird homeless sex acts on the way home.

You're welcome. And I'm out. I'll miss you guys. Best crew ever.

Saturday night's alright for a...

Saturday night the Blake Jorgensen Gallery in Whistler hosted a party to promote the "7 Artistic sins" line of skis by Rossignol. If you ever thought snowboarders had skateboard envy, it seems like skiers have got it even worse. Instead of using famous skaters like Stevie Cab and Andy Howell, should skiers be hitting up the talents of famous rollerblader artists? Jus' kidding skiers, I ain't hating.

Anyhoo, it was packed in the gallery, super awesome fun times. Monster was all up that thing and after they held a party down the hall at the firerock. Scott Arkwell is looking more like a Sikh every time I see him and it's a good look. Jon Horvath from the Fort Knox Five was the other half of the best party soundtrack I've heard in a long, long time. Seriously fun night while all the drunk kids in town for MLK weekend beat each other up in the rest of the village.

Thanks for the good times everyone.


Scott Arkwell and Jon Horvath know music.

Carts of Darkness, Whistler Film Fest, WCP party.

Here is a quick shot from last week. I was in Whistler for a screening of my friend Murray Siple's "Carts of Darkness". It's an amazing documentary about bottle pickers who ride shopping carts down steep hills. Afterwards we met up with Nix from Fourstar Canada for some sushi. The Whistler Film festival is going on so we went to one of their party/gala deals where we hooked up with Whistler superstar Ace Mckay-Smith and legendary DJ/Producer Scott Arkwell.

This crew was obviously a recipe for hours of conversation, foosball and venue-testing. I don't get to hang with the good people as often as I'd like and this was an awesome night that I paid for dearly the next day.


The next night was the Film Fest party put on by Whistler Creek Productions. I set up a photo booth and we shot some of the attendees. Another legend, Bruce McDonald, was in the room and there were screenings of some of the films from the Heavy Hitting B-Grade Horror film Fest as well as an auction of some photos. Here are some of my favourite shots from out front. The rest will be on the WCP site later.

Romain De Marchi and Paul Watt from Absinthe Films
Super Master DJ Mat the Alien and his better half Amanda
Alberta is a long drive but Rob Stevens don't care
"Hey I'm going to do a backflip"
Nix And Kashi show their party face.
best expression of the night
Stuart Andrews and Shin Campos from Whistler Creek Productions
Just awesome


Pemberton Festival Madness - super post, lots of photos.

Pemberton Festival photos, band photos, and so on.

Words of encouragment

thanks trevor!