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Pemberton Festival Madness - super post, lots of photos.

Pemberton Festival photos, band photos, and so on.

Life before this life

Right around the time I started getting pictures published, I had to quit my real job, and make a go of being a photographer. Those were lean years and I was broke. I did all kinds of strange things to make a buck and keep paying the rent until the photo thing took off. Coming from a background of being a sponsored snowboarder, I would do whatever jobs I could get relating to that. I modeled winter clothes for Japanese magazines, snowboarded and had lines an early Kokanee beer commercial, was an extra in that movie "Ski School" and on and on.

One of the best jobs I got though, was being a stunt guy for a Hong Kong action Movie called "Black Cat". Legendary shredder Kevin Young and I spent a few days getting chased off cornices by snowmobiles, riding through gunfire, lobbing grenades, and doing methods that knocked guns out of peoples hands. I think I made a couple hundred bucks. It was really bad, but the job was fun and I got to see how a movie set worked.

I never saw the movie. And now, by the magic of youtube, I have. I guess someone included it in some euro shred movie back then. Weird.

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Devun was over this morning to do an interview for Frequency Magazine. It was good to see my old friend again, we didn't shoot at all this past season which definitely bums me out. We shot some portraits and I posted one in the Current Gallery.

Once again, shooting is so much more enjoyable than selling photos.

Let me know what you think. Oh ya, you can add me to your RSS feed or Google reader or whatever you use, and keep up with all my updates.

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Dog days of summer

More shots from the hood.

Not to much to say about these. Folks have told me they like the photo updates so they will keep coming. I like the fact that I am shooting things that have no home and no expectation of sales. My entire career I've been making pictures with the exclusive purpose of sales, but with my group of "walking around town" shots, I never think, never try to make something commercial, just click away at things that look cool to me for whatever reason, and that's all I need. They're probably the most honest pictures I take. They aren't challenging or groundbreaking, but if you look long enough, you'll learn everything there is to know about me.

I think you will notice a theme
trash chute and construction
great f'n shapes, reflections, and light
that balloon is so crooked
bald dude taking a morning break.

The grind, I'm back to it.

I just got back from Whistler this morning after a whirlwind tour. I had about a million things to get done up there including two shoots, and I think I got about 800 000 of them completed. The rest will have to wait till next trip. Highlights included some of the best wedding speeches I've ever heard, Sushi Village, summer shred (watch here for a Dano cameo), some family time ( I hauled rounds of firewood around for the old man), home cooking, quality time at the skatepark with old friend and legendary luddite Scotty (Vinyl Ritchie) Arkwell and Robby Picard of the WVSC, and working with some really great folks.

The best part by far was casting a dry line and watching a trout take my caddis pattern. I don't care that he was 8 inches long, and I don't care that my 15 year old waders are so leaky that I was soaked from the nipples down, because I was tossing flies like I never stopped, and man, I love me some fishing.

While I was gone Rob Haggart of the widely read blog "A Photo Editor" put out a posting with a listing of outdoor photographers. After a little bribe, he even included me.

So... good times in Whistler. It was cool to see Rich Carlson skate for a minute as well. Until he went to the medical clinic.


model courtyard

I'm off for a couple days, going to shoot some things and won't be updating till next week. I'll leave you with this. It's the courtyard from my building taken from my patio. Don't you feel like a GIANT!


What do salad dressing and feminism have in common?

The other day I was walking to a meeting in Gastown when I passed an interesting little shrine on a bench.

Feminist author Marilyn French's three volume tome "From Eve to Dawn" took over 15 years to write, but has been criticized for playing fast and loose with the facts in its 1700 pages.

Kraft's Calorie Wise Thousand Island dressing hits you with just 20 Calories per serving and is versatile and delicious.

But what are they doing sitting together on a bench watching soccer practice?


cool shit

This came across my blog reader this morning and I'm afraid that if you don't think it's cool, we may not be able to be friends anymore.

Thanks to
www.changethethought.com who got it from somewhere else that was a dead link for me.

More shots from the hood

This week I have a couple of shooting gigs, which will be a nice change from what I've been doing. Lately I've been up to my eyes with the book project and with selling shots from the winter, and while both of those things are going really well, it's just not the same as shooting photos. In fact, the only time I'm shooting at all these past weeks is walking the dog around the hood.

I still love my Canon g9 for this kind of thing, it's so small and portable and durable too.

Here are some shots of my hood:

Cirque du soleil is across the street all summer
One of those cool buildings that gets really thin and one end. This one is called Hotel Europe.
Lone dude on the soccer field. Looks like the turf needs some work
Taking a break.
Sailing is hard
I love what old glass does.
The dominion building and victory square.

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Shoes from heaven

Sometimes I get packages from manufacturers. This is one of the strange and wonderful things about being a photographer in the action sports industry. I almost never ask for things, because I feel really fortunate, and I don't like waste, so I don't want to get a lot of stuff that I don't really need in the first place. When I do, I can always find someone who needs it, so it never goes to waste, but still, I don't like to ask.

Nike 6.0 has been sending me stuff on a regular basis, and at this point, with the exception of my slip-on Vans, flip flops, and New Balance dog walking shoes, I pretty much rock Nike 6.0 all the time. I like almost everything they send me, with very few exceptions, but sometimes they just get it so damn right that it is like they are reading my mail. I just got another package, two hoodies, super subtle logos, in black and green. My favourite shirt colours, and then there are the shoes. Black and white and red as far as the eye can see, and hightops.

Life is so sweet. Now if I could just get all the people who owe me money to pay up, everything would be perfect.


The summer. It is come.

As the summer finally hits in all its glory, I am swamped with work. I am convinced though, that I live in the best place in the world. My fascination with Vancouver's old buildings continues, while new ones pop up all over the place.

Here are some shots of the world around me. More coming soon. I love the Canon g9 more every day.

She casts a long shadow for a short dawg.
Pixelated clouds
these colours were making my eyes hurt.

evening glow

nice new shapes

July second

My patriotism spilled over into a whole 'nother Day!


July first

Happy Canada Day everyone. We had a spectacular day in Vancouver. Beach, books, movies, bikes, blades...