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Back from a quick three days and two nights in Vegas. The SIA trade show is going to be in Denver next year so this is the end of a long stint of industry debauchery that is some people's yearly highlight. My mission was to spread the word about the Grenade Games coming to Whistler for the WSSF in April and generally show my face around and connect with folks. It was pretty successful, although it is definitely impossible to do everything you set out to at SIA. To all the folks I missed, sorry bout that, come to WSSF and I'll buy you a drink.

My overall impression of the snowboard industry is that it is remarkably optimistic and full of piss and vinegar despite the whole economy. Booths were full, stuff looked good, people were smiling and the general feeling I got from people was "what crisis?" All in all, it's nice to feel optimistic when the world seems so dreadful every day. There is really extensive coverage on boardistan and matt's blog and of course from our friends at Transworld Business so if you are interested in pictures of all the new stuff and whatnot, you should check them out.

the view from the palms' playboy bar or whatever.
Lana flips out. It's a noisy mess, i know, but she's rad so there you go.
dalby wins the g9 wars.

Speaking of optimism, this came over my blog reader today ( via pixsylated. thanks) and I thought I'd share it with you. It's a really simple concept that just works so well that it makes you stop and take a second look. Seriously cool.

Have an optimistic day.




On my way to Vegas. My 7:55 AM flight, that I got up at somewhere just after 5 to get to on time, was cancelled and I was rebooked on a flight at 11:50. That would have been ok I guess, but I got to spend over an hour on the tarmac too! Something about frozen toilets.

Here is a picture of Mathieu Crepel on a suspension bridge.



Today is the first day of the year where the sun stays up until 5 PM. For folks who live up north, the rapid lengthening of days is a welcome relief from the truncated sunlight hours we endure for several months each year.

Yesterday I came down from Whistler early for an afternoon meeting. When I was done, it was so nice out that I decided to walk down to Granville Island to get a hot cheese bagel from Seigel's. I've been treating myself to these little nugget's a few times a year since I was a teenager and they are basically the most amazing thing you can eat.

But they were sold out. It was Sunday and I had nothing else on my agenda for the day so I decided to take the Aquabus down False Creek and home. When I got down to the Ferry dock they told me it was going to be about 25 minutes so I decided to walk the rest of the 5 kilometers. I mean, it was a really spectacular day.

Along the way I met up with some friends, so some good sights and basically had about the most relaxing Sunday afternoon I could imagine.

Ok, that's enough of that. Back to work. Here is a map and a couple shots from the walk home.


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ducks wait for the pond to melt.
I ran into Jon and Grace and took this while we were chatting.

So much new stuff

There is so much going on these days I can barely take it. Exciting times in Danoland for sure. I've taken a new job which I will expand on in the next week or so, I'm getting down to the final phases of the Westbeach book and some of the people who have seen the rough layout are tripping, so that is encouraging. Getting set for Vegas next week, kinda last minute decision to go, due in large part to the new job. I feel really lucky to be in a position to have work, so many photographers are struggling this season and I'm finding that being versatile and able to do more than just click a shutter is helping me a lot. My relentless curiosity, as much as it drives my girl nits sometimes, is definitely an asset to my work.

I've been loosely working on a project for the last few years shooting portraits of the folks who work at dive shops. It's been cool to do something that is just for me and allows me to connect with new people outside the snow world. I put a small gallery up here, so if you have a minute take a look.

Seeya in Whistler or Vancouver or Vegas!



Heineken bottle. Police Yard, Vancouver.

the fog

Vancouver is setting a record for the longest stretch of fog ever. I mean, I heard that anyway. It might be true, maybe not. This was taken at noon. (That also may not be true.)




It's been 6 years since we lost Craig Kelly. I called him "Snowboarding's last great leader" a few years ago when the documentary "Let it ride" came out and I think it holds true. Volumes have been written about Craig's influence so I won't go too deep into it. I'll let his riding do the talking. I wear a "remember Craig Kelly" button riding every day.


Saturday night's alright for a...

Saturday night the Blake Jorgensen Gallery in Whistler hosted a party to promote the "7 Artistic sins" line of skis by Rossignol. If you ever thought snowboarders had skateboard envy, it seems like skiers have got it even worse. Instead of using famous skaters like Stevie Cab and Andy Howell, should skiers be hitting up the talents of famous rollerblader artists? Jus' kidding skiers, I ain't hating.

Anyhoo, it was packed in the gallery, super awesome fun times. Monster was all up that thing and after they held a party down the hall at the firerock. Scott Arkwell is looking more like a Sikh every time I see him and it's a good look. Jon Horvath from the Fort Knox Five was the other half of the best party soundtrack I've heard in a long, long time. Seriously fun night while all the drunk kids in town for MLK weekend beat each other up in the rest of the village.

Thanks for the good times everyone.


Scott Arkwell and Jon Horvath know music.

Westbeach book

The cat is out of the bag.

So THAT is what I've been doing for the last six months!



The Canucks have totally been sucking lately. Sanford even looks bummed here.


snowy dreams

Remember winter?


heli dreams.

This is not where I am right now.


Roatan dive photos - Photoshelter gallery

Check out some shots from diving in Roatan, Honduras.


Mark Landvik


Deep Winter 2009

So tonight is the Deep Winter contest in Whistler. For the last three days, 6 photographers have been shooting their asses off in terrible conditions with the aim of putting together an award winning slideshow tonight. I've done this contest for the last two years and it is easily one of the most exhausting photographic experiences I've ever endured. Considering the conditions, I'm more than glad to not be doing it again this season, but I am very much looking forward to seeing the results. And this year I will sit on the panel of judges.

I think that judging photography is stupid. I said "no" to the request half a dozen times before finally being convinced to participate. In the end, someone will win, but I know that just the experience of shooting for those three days and making a slideshow to present on the night of the fourth provides a huge sense of accomplishment to the contestants.

Here is a link to my show from last year and a couple shots from the contest. Good luck to all this years contestants.



Well, I'm home. I'm pretty good at changing gears but I found it impossible to get excited about all the snow in Vancouver. I'm about to go out and walk in it, so maybe that will change my mind, but my head is still underwater.

Here are some shots from my Christmas Vacation. I hope you like them.

Anessa and Barry watch the sun set from the Reef Gliders dock
One of the millions of Sharpnose Pufferfish that are all over the reef
lil buddy
Brendan clowning around with a bottle he found.
Spotted moray eel.
A giant anenome in front of the blue on the reef wall.
T checks out a preoccupied turtle. He was munching on a sponge for about 5 minutes.
T checks out a lobster on the wall.

This Peacock flounder was showing off his blue spots for me.
Reef Gliders moved into a huge new shop with its own beach and dock. Nice!

And now for the real world. I'm actually excited to see all of the entrants in the Deep Winter Photo contest going on this week. I'll be judging the event and I'm not really looking forward to that. Judging photography is like deciding which puppy is cuter, everyone has an opinion and they are all correct. However, someone has to win and I'll contribute as best I can to make sure it is the right person.

Unfortunately, saying yes to this event means that I am going to miss the Greg Todds Memorial in Trout Lake this weekend. I'm really bummed about that. I hope all my friends out there have a good time, and be safe. I look forward to seeing the photos.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that is the last time you al have to hear it. On with the show...