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my g9 weighs a ton

So I was in the park at Blackcomb this week, taking care of some contract shots, and in the process had a little time to mess around. Everyone knows I'm a Nikon guy, but my point and shoot is a Canon g9. It's a great little camera and you can read all about it here or wherever you like to get your online info. So in between laps of my riders, I had my g9 out, you can set it all manually so it's a really flexible tool. So much so that I decided to see how it would hold up against the dSLR and 70-200VR glass.

Is this photo from the Nikon or the G9?


Well of course it's from the point and shoot. But it's pretty amazing that a 500 dollar camera can match angle and composition with a 7 thousand dollar rig and not really be that far off. I'm still getting used to the g9 but I have no doubt that I will have lots of photos published from it in the next 12 months...maybe even some action.