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Preparation is half the battle

Anyone who has followed my career at all knows all about my slideshow curse. In short, I've never done a slideshow that I didn't fuck up.

It all started with the Pro Photographer Showdown way back in 1800 or something. We were still using slide projectors, so that gives you an idea. I had literally never done a slideshow before and I spent days and days going through my stock to come up with 80 shots. It had to be 80, because that is two trays of slides. The slides alternate from one projector to the other. It all seems very logical, however, I was nervous and I set the order of slides to go from one tray and then the next. The result was the second half of my slideshow was intermingled with the first. It was chaos and it looked like shit. Did I mention that there were 500 people there including my family? Uh huh.

Fast forward to last year and the first ever Deep Winter contest. I did a ton of research and test slideshows and was pretty confident that I had the curse licked. At 4 PM I marched into MY place, where the show was taking place, to do my dry run. As soon as I saw the first shot I knew I was screwed. The resolution was way too low and the photos were totally pixelated. I tried to re-export the show at a higher resolution with no luck at all. At about 5 PM we decided we had to rebuild the whole show from scratch, in a program I had never used. The show was at 8.

Even though we managed to throw something together, when we tried to play it there were some technical problems and the sound would cut out after the first slide. The audience was very patient...

Anyway, I'm doing the Deep Winter contest again in a week and I have been stressing about everything. I have done dry runs a dozen times, made slideshows from scratch in an hour, run into a ton of little problems and fixed them so now I am ready. Right? We'll see. The thing about having a curse is that you can never predict how it will screw you...

Here is a shot from sledding on boxing day. My brother-in-law Paul took it with my camera. I like sledding.



The day before Christmas

Today was gorgeous.20071224_whis_scenic0018



This is the view from my house. All week I have been watching it snow and snow. I've been riding a lot too, having some really good days with some really good people.

When I was living in California and working in the office, people would ask me what I missed about Canada and I would always say, the time from opening day until Christmas. That's when the storms hit and the crowds are still small, when the pressure to shoot hasn't gotten too hectic yet and I get to ride my ass off. Well after the mountain opened we had a couple weeks where the snow where it didn't snow and I started to question the whole Early season myth that I had been building in my head. Luckily the snow came and just in time. I feel like I have gotten my legs back now and I am ready to dive into shooting now. I've gotten it out of my system once again. It was worth it.


House Cleaning

Well here is a little blog entry just to talk about the updates to the site. It's mostly cosmetic, but there are some additions. New bio page, new link page. Other than that there is just better organization than before.

I've been riding a lot and my legs are sore. That's a good thing. Christmas week means I have to finish off shopping stuff, which I've never been good at, but this year I am a little ahead of the curve compared to past seasons.

I'm picking photos for the upcoming Gallery show. It's a huge process but it's cool to sort through old stock. I also have to choose images for a photo contest and teach myself how to use this new slideshow software that I bought. The "deep winter" photo contest is coming up in a couple weeks and I have to be able to make a slideshow on the fly.

Oh ya, and I decided to start adding pictures to my blog posts too, because Owen's blog is way more interesting than mine. This one is from the deep winter contest last year. It's me riding down lower insanity (!!!) on Whistler:


New jobs

One of the cool things about being a photographer is that you never know what kind of work you’re going to end up doing. When the phone rings, I tend to say “yes” first, and then figure out what it is that I said “yes” to…

Recently some dudes I know launched a new venture called Whistler Creek Productions
( http://whistlercreekproductions.com )and asked me to be a part of it. It is a collective, which is to say, they run it, but everyone has input. We had a “coming out” party in Whistler during the Whistler Film Festival and it was hugely successful, I set up a “photo booth” where people could press a button and take their own photo. It was cold outside but people got into it and the photos were Hilarious http://whistlercreekproductions.com/img/coming-out/coming-out.html

So anyway, I get a call to do a plate shot for a commercial. Of course I say yes. The director is Randy Krallman ( http://www.smugglersite.com/01/directors/player.html?cat=1 )who has done some really cool stuff including the amazing “Still free” (http://www.stillfree.com/) piece for Marc Ecko. Interestingly enough, he’s really down with the shred dog scene, spent time in SLC and we have mutual friends. He knows my work from snowboarding, I know his culture stuff. Cool bro. Etc.

So ya, the job. We drive around Vancouver on a stunningly beautiful day to shoot a little piece of forest for a background in a beer commercial. For real. That’s the job. It’s actually surprisingly difficult to find the exactly right looking piece of forest, but still, I mean, drive out into the middle of nowhere on a 13 thousand dollar snowmobile, in the freezing cold, banging your shit around, hoping that some snowboarder will land something, or drive around in a nice SUV with really friendly cats talking about how nice of a day it is…

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Whistler Creek Productions

Some friends of mine have been hard at work launching a production company over the past 6 months or so. It is finally up and running and that is good enough reason to have a party. It all takes place during the Whistler Film Festival as most of the clients are from the film industry.

There was a live auction where prints from Gallup, Andruik, Patterson and a whole slew of other photogs got sold off.

I set up a "photo booth" thingy so that anyone could put on some gear from the wardrobe rack and go outside to snap a portrait. You can see my pocket wizard in most of the photos as that's how the thing was triggered. It was cold as shit outside but people still got into it. If you look closely you'll see such photo legends as Eric Berger, Mark Gallup, Russell Dalby, Shred legends like Shin Campos (co-owner of WCP), Wes Makepeace, Rube Goldberg, and cine dudes like Travis Robb from Standard films, Murray Siple (who showed and extended teaser for his current documentary "Carts of Darkness", Anthony Vitale, My brother Garry, shit it was just chock full of heavy cats.

Anyway, check it all out at
Pendygrasse snowboard photography, snowboarding photos, photographs of snowboarders, shred photographers, snowboard photographer, snow photographers, pictures of snowboarding, pictures of snowboarders, photos of snowboards, photos of snowboarding. Daniel Stephen Pendygrasse, DSP Photography.