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Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival 2010

It’s sunny and warm in Whistler today and the place is packed. I’ve been working on the Grenade Games all year and now we’re only a couple days away. I got into town Friday and within 15 minutes had an adult Monster bevy in hand and was getting settled. Danny and Dingo and the boys made it into town before me so we hooked up for some dinner, few more drinks and lots of stories and catching up. Being that I’m old, my liver wasn’t really keeping up and pretty soon I lost the battle. I found myself in Sushi Village (again) catching up with old friends and warming up with some sake. I think you see where this is going.

As the restaurant was closing I grabbed my coat and headed for the door, almost made it out too, but just then my friend
Gribbon dragged me back inside and a giant dumbo sized bottle was placed on the table. Don’t really recall how the rest of the night went but I spent Saturday a complete write-off watching Mantracker in the hotel room.

The Telus Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival is back my friends, and whether you’re celebrating a great winter or just happy it’s over, there is no better place to be this week than Whistler, British Columbia.

Tomorrow’s weather is looking a little grim but it should get better as the week goes on. Come on up and play.

I came up with this new thing

So last year at the Grenade Games we did a damn good job of showing everyone out in the snowboard industry how much fun we were having. It was a ton of work and by the end we were justifiably proud. In the months that followed, people emulated our strategy and even our style and I thought it was al very flattering. It also highlighted something that I thought was missing and that was interaction for all the people that couldn't make it to the event. Sure they could watch, but I wanted them to feel more involved.


To give the masses some control from far away, I decided to do something new. Partly based on the fact that every single day kids are uploading short videos that they've made from their local hills or from their trips, I decided to provide all of our raw clips from the Grenade Games every day and let people edit their own remixed version of our daily videos. Every day we'll highlight our favourite, or the funniest, or whatever, and at the end we'll award prizes from Grenade for the best video.

I decided to call it Remote Control, cuz you know, people get to have some control, from remote places...

Give it a look and tune in between the 20th and 25th of April to watch what happens.